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Sports Division Responds To Rumor

Hard court at Benjamins Park

A protest held by the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School at the Benjamins Park last week, halted the commencement of the Sports Division, Primary Schools Netball Championship Final. RDPS felt that they were treated unfairly and as a result acted in such a manner.

Below is a statement released yesterday by the Dominica Sports Division clarifying the issue for all concerned.

In recent times statements have been circulating particularly on social media about the unfair treatment handed to the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School by the Sports Division in regards to their participation in the Primary School netball championship.

The RDPS along with 15 other schools participated in the Round of 16 of that championship, and were placed in 4 zones of 4.
The round of 16 was the qualifying round for qualification to the knock stage. Matches in the round of 16 were played on a round robin basis.The regulation for this round stated : THE TOP TWO TEAMS FROM EACH ZONE WILL ADVANCE TO THE NEXT STAGE.

At NO time did the regulation indicate what
the match up would be at the next stage. Meaning therefore, that once qualified the qualifying teams are equal and as a result it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the organizers to determine the match-up, a responsibility which was undertaken by the lead officer. The match up for ALL four matches were communicated to all schools involved at least two days before the games, with none of the schools expressing any concerns with the match-up.

Therefore for ANYONE to suggest that a MISTAKE was made is baffling. It would be interesting to hear from those making the accusations that the RDPS played the wrong team to indicate exactly which regulation was not followed in deciding that match-up.

Every effort was made to clear the confusion which the RDPS authorities had in that regard. The regulation and the process involved in determining the match-up was explained to the principal of the RDPS in a telephone conversation on June 30th, which lasted no less than 45 minutes. Following that telephone conversation Mr Wallace indicated that he would discuss further with a few persons and would get back to the Sports Coordinator. To this date the RDPS principal has not returned to the Sports Division with regards to the issue in question. It must also be noted that a time frame of up to 48 hours is given for submitting written protest to decisions. That facility was not utilized by the RDPS.

We hope this statement clarifies any doubts so that RDPS and the Dominica Sports Division will continue to get along smoothly. The final of the Primary Schools Netball Championship had been rescheduled for today at 3pm in Marigot.


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