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2018 Goalkeeping Clinic Presented By Glenson Prince

2018 Goalkeeping Clinic

Former national captain and semi-pro footballer Glenson Prince held another successful edition of his Goal Keeping Clinics last week from Monday, July 16th to Wednesday, July 18th at the Benjamins Park in Portsmouth.

This year was significantly more impactful as a few sponsors including the likes of the Dominica Football Association, Arl James, Yasmina George, Denise Charles, Ellington Sabin, and us here D/A Sports Vault partnered to raise the bar. Senior Men’s National Team Coach Mr. Rajesh Latchoo, Technical Director of the DFA Mr. Jerome Bardouille, Youth Football Officer Mr. Kelvin Francois and Senior Men’s National Goalkeeping Coach Mr. Courtney Challenger also made appearances at the clinic.

At the climax of the clinic, Prince expressed his gratitude via Facebook with a number of photos from the events.

Back in July 2015 I held my first Goalkeeping clinic an the Benjamin’s park in Portsmouth. There, a number of young students were taught the basics of goalkeeping. Although they were armed with the knowledge, it was apparent that in order for them to make even more progress, goalkeeping equipment would be vital.

After moving to Guadeloupe to play for Phare de Petit Canal I embarked on a drive to procure goalkeeping gloves for the young goalkeepers in my community. With the financial support of DA Sports Vault I was able to purchase 10 pairs of gloves. In the off season I returned to home where I got in touch with the Dfa Domfootball. The association wasted no time in assisting me with all the equipment I needed to run the day clinic (balls, markers, ladders, poles etc).

Like in 2015, Mr. Arl James promised to take care of the certificates for all the participants. The goalkeeping clinic which began on Monday 16th July and ended on Wednesday 18th July was boosted by the appearance of a number of influential persons in the football field. Senior men’s national team coach Mr. Rajesh Latchoo, Technical Director of the DFA Mr. Jerome Bardouille, Youth football officer Mr. Kelvin Francois as well as the goalkeeper coach of the senior men’s national team Mr. Courtney Challenger aka Wasim all took time off from their busy schedules to be with the young goalkeepers.

Yasmina George was pivotal in getting all of this together. She was my camera woman, field assistant, supplied the gifts for the daily winners and also sponsored refreshments with Denise Charles. To everyone involved, I can’t thank you enough! The parents, students, the onlookers who were willing to help, Coach Ellington Dunga Sabin who was out of state at the time but allowed me to use his footballs and markers, Thank you! We had some rain over the 3 days but God came through for us by giving us enough good weather to complete our program 

I pray that God continues to bless me with good health so I can continue to impact positively on our leaders of tomorrow. I will forever be grateful to Greg Joseph for giving me my first goalkeeping book at the age of 11 and to Andy Burkard for giving me my first pair of goalkeeping gloves. Some of the young keepers in this clinic received gloves for their first time and I have no doubt that they will make the best out of it. I am truly proud of everyone who were involved in this successful clinic!

Above are just a few photos from the clinic. For more photos please visit the link below.


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