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13 & Under Netball Training


The Sports Division has selected the under-mentioned 13 & Under Netballers for training this summer period. Training will take place from Friday 20th July from 9:00am – 12 Noon at three venues and will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Dominica Grammar School

  1. Kaylene George- Tete Morne
  2. Kayla George- Tete Morne
  3. Shackera Leblanc- Tete Morne
  4. Sharmil Thomas- Tete Morne
  5. Shanita George- GrandBay
  6. Dinora Thomas- Grand Bay
  7. Kernisha Gregoire- Grand Bay
  8. Selena Wayland- Grand Bay
  9. Denora Thomas-Grand Bay
  10. Serina Darroux- Petite Savanne
  11. Mamina Jeune- Salisbury
  12. Tiffany Henry- Salisbury
  13. Faith Vidal- Salisbury
  14. Janelle Fredrick- Salisbury
  15. Akeelah Massicott – St Martin Primary
  16. Tyesha Sandy- St Martin Primary
  17. Kelanda David- St Martin Primary
  18. Sadiyah Williams- St Martin Primary
  19. Kyla Felix- Giraudel
  20. Tarina Paul- Giraudel
  21. Jerneaha Henry- Massacre
  22. Celine Joseph- Massacre
  23. Jeaneze Emmanuel- Massacre
  24. Carlene Stoute- San Sauveur
  25. Kenithia Burton- Sineku
  26. Angel Ettienne – Sineku
  27. Amanda Ellick- Sineku
  28. Lacy Tyson-Salybia
  29. Destiny Williams-Salybia

Weirs Hard Court, Marigot

  1. Makada Telemaque- W. S Stevens
  2. Kelly Nation- W.S Stevens
  3. Kalie Christmas- W.S  Stevens
  4. Joeanne Pascal- W.S Stevens
  5. Tamika Prince-  W.S Stevens
  6. Brianna Nanton- Calibishie
  7. Briana Bertrand- Calibishie
  8. Kaydine Wilkerson-Wesley
  9. Earlandra Tavanier-Wesley
  10. Sheriah George-Wesley
  11. Shadia Daniel-Atkinson

Benjamin’s Park, Portsmouth

  1. Abbigial Burton- St. John’s
  2. Shernillia John Paul-Colihaut
  3. Keean Geroge- Colihaut
  4. Abigail Benjamin-St. John’s Primary
  5. Trishelle Langlais-St. John’s Primary
  6. Lemayah Forde-St. John’s Primary
  7. Dwana Greenaway- Convent High
  8. Jacinta Grant-Convent High
  9. Shante’ Hazel- Convent High
  10. Zhora Joseph-Convent High
  11. Laveda Liverpool-Convent High
  12. Adeola Xavier-Convent High


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