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Primary Schools Netball Is Back!

Primary Schools Metball

The Sports Division in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Constituency Empowerment began the 2018 Primary Schools Netball Festival at three (3) venues today, Wednesday, 6th June 2018.

At Grand Bay, the Bellevue Chopin, Tete Morne, Grand Bay and Bagatelle Primary Schools met for the South Festival.

At Salisbury, the Salisbury, Coulibsitrie/Colihaut Combined, Dublanc, Campbell/Warner Combined, Mahaut, Kelleb John Laurent Primary Schools competed in the West Festival, while the W.S. Stevens Primary, Wesley Primary, and the Calibishie Primary Schools converged in Marigot for the North East Festival.

The East and North Festivals will take place on Monday, June 11th whilst the West Central and South West Festivals will take place on Monday, June 18th. The top two (2) teams from each festival will automatically advance to the next round of the competition.


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