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July 29th Team Triathlon


Teams of six (6) will participate in six (6) different challenges in hopes of securing a grand prize of $1500 on Sunday, July 29th in a Triathlon presented by the Blazers Sports Club in alignment with the 2018 St. Ann’s Feast.

In a post via Facebook, the club gave a very detailed description of how the teams will participate in the event.

The Triathlon is as follows:


This player will be given 1 tyre, 1 tin, and 2 Sticks.
Player has to figure out the best way to use all materials to roll the tyre from the start of the race that is from the Massacre Basketball Court to the Entrance of Sibouli Hill. Player will then drop the tyre at the challenge end line and run to player 2 to pass the Baton.

Player 2: RUNNING

This player will run from Sibouli Hill up to a painted dirt-track and down some steps to the area of Maynard’s Bar. Player 2 will SEND the baton across a river to Player 3.

Player 3: SACK RACE

This player will CATCH the baton thrown to him from player 2 and run up to Tony’s Residence where he/she will get into a sack and hop to the end to Lester’s Residence and pass the baton to Player 4.


This player will take the baton from player 3 at the end of Lester’s Residence and run to the area of Mr. Whippy’ s Ice Cream home. There the Player will challenge himself to eat some hot dogs and run to the road near the Massacre Cemetery to player 5.

Player 5: CYCLING

This player will Cycle from the Massacre Cemetery to the Canefield Airport going around the roundabout back to the church hill and end the cycling at the basketball court. Player will then run to the bay side and pass the baton to player 6.

Player 6: KAYAK

This player will row the Kayak from the bay side of Seamoon to go around the buoy placed out in the water and row back to the Seamoon Shore and run to a court to end the Triathlon.

The event is scheduled to begin at 1pm from the Massacre Basketball Court where games will continue throughout the day. Please contact 614-4784 or 277-9605 for team registration ($150 per team).


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