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Beanzers – New King Of The Street

King of the Street

The first ever King Of The Street was deemed a success, after twelve (12) teams participated in the two-day street football tournament organized by Addictive Football, at the Goodwill Basketball Court over the weekend. The participating teams were split into two (2) groups; Unruly, God Gives God Takes, Tremors FC, Glory Boys, Kawat and Switch Boys in Group A, while Beanzers, Wrong Turn, Never Ready Boys, MMU, Church Lane, and Switch Gang formed Group B. At the end of the group stage the standings were as follows: Group A

  1. Unruly – (12) points
  2. God Gives God Takes – (9) points
  3. Tremors FC – (9) points
  4. Glory Boys – (6) points
  5. Kawat – (6) points
  6. Switch Boys – (3) points

Group B

  1. Beanzers – (12) points
  2. Wrong Turn – (12) points
  3. Never Ready Boys – (9) points
  4. MMU – (6) points
  5. Church Lane – (6) points
  6. Switch Gang – (0) points

The top four (4) teams from each group qualified for the quarterfinals as shown below. Quarter Finals:

Tremors vs Wrong Turn (advanced to the semis)

Wrong Turn God Gives God Takes vs God Give God Takes (advanced to the semis)

Never Ready Boys Unruly vs Unruly (advanced to the semis)

MMU  Beanzers vs Beanzers (advanced to the semis)

Glory Boys Wrong Turn and Unruly were later knocked out sending Beanzers and God Gives God Take to the final which Beanzers won on penalties after a 15-minute battle. The champs received a $2000 cash prize, seven (7) Carib Fest tickets, a trophy, and a crate of Carib Beer for their efforts. Congratulations once more to the champions, Beanzers, and the organizers, Addictive Football on a successful tournament. Follow Addictive Football on Facebook and Instagram (@AddictiveFootball @Addictive_Football) and Feed Your Addiction!


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