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Youth Trumps Experience at May Fest Beach Volleyball Competition

May Fest Beach Volleyball

DAVA – It was a beautiful and windy day at Erica Beach in Melville Hall Marigot [on May 7th] as the May Fest Beach Volleyball Competition got underway. Organised by the Marigot May Fest Committee and spearheaded by the DAVA, the annual event returned from a one-year hiatus with a bang! Teams battled it out for a spot in the finals and a chance to walk away with cash prizes and the titles Male and Female champs.

In the end, the women’s final would see Team CR, Earnisha Fontaine and Adicia Burton vs Team Sparkle, Marcia Gustav, and Zahidu Henry. The 14 & 15 year olds Team CR won the best of 3set final 2-1 against the experienced Team Sparkle. The men finals saw another upset when Yahn Florent and Lincoln Riviere, Team Stiff Donkey came up against Anderson and Aren Burton, The Burtons proved to be too fluid for the stiff competition and won the 3 set finale 2-0. A great day for the Burton-Fontaine collaboration, and an even greater day for volleyball overall.

Check out the album on the DAVA’s Facebook page. Credit to all our photographers on site for the images and videos.
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