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dBiz-Xerox Young Vets & Acers Host 4 on 4 Volleyball Competition

4x4 Volleyball

Having lost access to both the FLOW Complex in Canefield and the Massacre Hardcourt after the passage of Hurricane Maria, volleyball players in Roseau and environs have had a challenge finding a place to “pitch their net” and for months there was no volleyball activity leaving players void of their outlet.

Finally, a place was found and with the right discussions through the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association (DAVA), Volleyball was brought to 12th Street Canefield. As a showcase of the resilience and determination of the sport and its players, two Volleyball teams on island, dBiz – Xerox Young Vets and Acers are proving their strength and flexibility and that of the sport and its players by hosting a 4 on 4 competition carded for Sunday May 27th at 3:00pm at the 12th Street Canefield Hardcourt.

Sponsor of the teams Dominica Business Systems (dBiz) is happy to be associated with players who rise against the odds and maintain a spirit of togetherness despite the challenges. According to dBiz Marketing Manager Mrs. Shari Pascal – Maronie, the teams have always made the company proud with their representation of the brand in the National League and when the idea was brought forward to management, sponsoring it was a no-brainer. “Post-Maria, we had to take a hard look at our expenditure but we were decisive in maintaining the Sports and Education budgets because we understand the importance of these two aspects in holistic living; something that is even more important as we try to bounce back from the damage suffered as a country.”

Everyone is invited to participate in the competition and players are asked to register with a team name by Friday 25th May. A fee of $20 per team is also required and teams are allowed a maximum of two (2) substitutes at a cost of $5 per player. Teams are asked to be at the venue at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the commencement to warm up.

Registration can be done with the following members of the Young Vets and Acers teams:
Ray Robinson, Lincoln Riviere, Natania Florent, Shari Pascal – Maronie & Yahn Florent. Information can also be obtained from the DAVA Facebook page.


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