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Training Gets On The Way Ahead Of Sir Garfield Sobers International

Cricket Training

The following players (see below) have been selected for training in preparation for the 2018 Sir Garfield Sobers International U-19 Schools Cricket Tournament to be held in Barbados.

The first meeting/training session will be on Thursday, April 12th at 2:30 pm at the Botanic Gardens.

1. Jahseon Alexander- Pierre Charles Secondary School
2. Nelson Maxim- Pierre Charles Secondary School
3. Yawani Regis- Pierre Charles Secondary School
4. Ashwan Lockhart- Pierre Charles Secondary School
5. Ethan Doctrove- Dominica Grammar School
6. Kendel Jean- Jacques- Dominica Grammar School
7. Shaheim Ceasar- Dominica Grammar School
8. Cody Peltier- Dominica Grammar School
9. Axel Llamar- Dominica Grammar School
10. Jedd Joseph- Portsmouth Secondary School
11. Leon St. Jean- Portsmouth Secondary School
12. Clemenson Leblanc- Portsmouth Secondary School
13. Tahj Tavernier-Dominica State College
14. Niall Payne- Dominica State College
15. Nigel Jno. Lewis- Dominica State College
16. Derry Auguiste- Dominica State College
17. Carlian Wiltshire- Castle Bruce Secondary School
18. Von Elizee- Castle Bruce Secondary School
19. Romeo Burton- Castle Bruce Secondary School
20. Jacey Abbot- Castle Bruce Secondary School
21. Delaney Alexander- Goodwill Secondary School
22. Malakai Xavier- Goodwill Secondary School
23. Jervon Raphael- Goodwill Secondary School
24. Micah Joseph- Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
25. Lincoln Abe Durand- Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
26. Jeremiah Joseph- Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
27. Jahson Vidal- Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
28. Anakym Moreau- St. Mary’s Academy
29. Stephan Pascal- St. Mary’s Academy
30. Brice Jno. Lewis- St. Mary’s Academy
31. Kyron Phillip- St. Mary’s Academy
32. Tyrese Leblanc- St. Mary’s Academy
33. Ajanim Tavernier- St. Mary’s Academy
34. Neo Davis- North East Comprehensive School
35. Ashton Auguiste- North East Comprehensive School
36. Nadian Mayers- North East Comprehensive School
37. Morell Burton- North East Comprehensive School
38. Savio Anselm- St. John’s Academy

The highly anticipated tournament is expected to run from Monday, July 9th to Monday, July 23rd, 2018.


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