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Results Of The Dominican Athletes At The 2018 Commonwealth Games

Athletes at 2018 Commonwealth Games

(Photo Credit: Dominica Olympic Committee)

The 2018 Gold Cast Commonwealth Games hasn’t been “up to par” for Dominica despite thrilling performances from our athletes. Below is a list of all athletes representing Dominica at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, and a brief description of their performances and upcoming events.

Valerian Spicer – participated in the Women’s Boxing 57kg, Round of 16, on Saturday, April 7th, where she failed to qualify for the quarter-final after losing 2 of 3 rounds against Vikki Glover of Scotland, who is now scheduled to fight Sabrina Aubin-Boucher of Canada in the quarter-final.

Roy Cooke – participated in the Men’s Boxing 57kg, Round of 16, and was unable to qualify for the quarter-final, after being knocked out in the 2nd of 3 rounds by Benny Muziyo of Zambia on Sunday, April 8th. Muziyo is scheduled to fight Vikas Krishan of India in the quarter-final.

Derick St Jean – participated in the Round 1, Heat 5 of the Men’s 400m, on Sunday, April 8th. St Jean finished 6th with his personal best of 47.27 above Jerai Torres of Gibraltar but also failed to qualify for the semi-final.

Dillion Simons – qualified for the Men’s Shot Put Final after a season’s best (sb) throw of 19.44m in the qualifying round. Simons later went on to throw 18.44m, finishing 10th above the BVI and Nigeria in the final earlier today.

Andre Bazil – scheduled to participate in the Men’s Javelin on Friday, April 13th. Bazil also participated in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

Mitchel Davis – scheduled to run tomorrow, April 10th, in Round 1, Heat 6, of the Men’s 200m. With a personal best (pb) of 20.60 and season’s best (sb) 21.21.

Judah Corriette – scheduled to run in Round 1, Heat 2, of the 800m in lane 7 with a (pb) and (sb) of 1:54.46.

David Registe – scheduled to participate in the Men’s Long Jump Qualifying Round in Group A with a (pb) of 8.06 and (sb) 7.70.

Bavon Sylvain – scheduled to participate in the Men’s Long Jump Qualifying Round in Group B with a (pb) of 7.80 and (sb) 7.80.

Thea Lafond – scheduled to participate in the Women’s Triple Jump Final with a (pb) of 14.20 and (sb) of 14.20.

Yordanys Duranona Garcia – scheduled to participate in the Men’s Triple Jump on Thursday, April 12th. Garcia also participated in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2016 Olympics, and the 2015 & 2017 World Championships.

Maria Toussaint – scheduled to participate in the Women’s Long Jump on Wednesday, April 11th. Toussaint has mainly participated in U.S. championships although this is not her first time representing Dominica.

Bram Sanderson – scheduled to participate in the Men’s Individual Time Trial Tomorrow, April 10th, and the Men’s Cycling Road Race on Saturday, April 14th.

Australia currently leads the medal standings with 106 (39 Gold, 33 Silver & 34 Bronze) with England in 2nd with 63 (22 Gold, 25 Silver, & 16 Bronze). The 2018 Commonwealth Games is expected to run until April 15th in Australia.


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