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Despite Great Fighting Spirit, Dominica Struggled In 2018 Netball Championship

2018 Netball Championship

(Photo Credit: Sporte Avis)

The Jean Pierre 2018 Caribbean Under 16 Netball Championships came to end yesterday evening in St. Lucia where the struggles continued for Dominica as they ended the tournament with one win after a (23-12) defeat to Trinidad & Tobago in their final match.

The full results of that tournament included five (5) losses for team Dominica.

  • St. Lucia vs Dominica (37-8)
  • Jamaica vs Dominica (38-14)
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines vs Dominica (14-20)
  • Trinidad & Tobago vs Dominica (27-23)
  • Barbados vs Dominica (29-13)
  • Grenada

Dominica showed great resilience throughout the tournament as they kept pushing in search of better results, but unfortunately, Dominica’s big break came in their final match where they won against St. Vincent & the Grenadines (20-14). Defending champions Jamaica, continued an unbeaten run as they crushed Barbados (36-15) in the championship match to clinch the title.


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