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DAVA Annual General Meeting & Fun Day

DAVA Fun Day

DAVA Press Release – Though the morning gave way to showers, this did not stop the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association from holding its AGM and beach fun day on Saturday, April 21. Making a late start the executive and the team made their way to the Roosevelt Douglass Primary School in Portsmouth. With players running late due work commitments and transportation issues, the executive convened with an open discussion.

When a quorum was established the AGM convened. Both the President’s and Treasurer’s report highlighted the challenges which hindered progression of executive planned activities and tournaments. The membership was informed that in light of the fact that volleyball currently has no home to facilitate proper training, a disappointing but very necessary decision was taken that Dominica will not be participating in any indoor regional tournaments in 2018. Instead, the country will be represented at many competitions in beach volleyball throughout the year even as far as Columbia. Teams were encouraged to keep playing even in the absence of lighted courts as the commencement of the National league and the completion of the business league are two of the competitions to be expected this year.

The AGM came to an end with an attendance of over (30) thirty volleyball loving Dominicans.
The re-energised group then moved to the beach for a laughter-filled afternoon of beach volleyball. Teams were mixed and regulars were challenged. The day’s activities officially came to a close at sundown with one certainty… There will be much more volleyball action in Dominica for the rest of 2018.
Shari Pascal – Maronie

Below is you’ll find the president’s report and a few photos from that meeting. Ensure to click the photos one additional time once they’ve opened to full size for a clearer result.


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