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Commencement Of The 2018 Kalinago Premier League

Kalinago Sports Association

The first official match of the 2018 Kalinago Cricket Premier League bowled off yesterday, April 15th, at the Jolly John’s Memorial Park between Concord Super Kings and Central Centipede. The match comes after a successful Ball-O-Rama last week where defending champions, BA Underminers took home the title and a cash prize of $1500ec. The Underminers will be hoping to carry that momentum into the Premier League where they’ll play their first match on Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

Ten teams participating in this year’s tournament are:

  1. BA Underminers
  2. Central Centipede
  3. Concord Super Kings
  4. Bombers
  5. CR Spartans
  6. Prime Suspects
  7. Roll on Ground
  8. Sineku Rising Stars
  9. Tapoline Boys
  10. Termites

Members of the Kalinago Territory have made significant contributions to the Dominica National Team, West Indies Cricket, and Windward Islands Cricket. Most recently seven (7) women from the Kalinago Territory traveled to St. Lucia as members of the Dominica Women’s Senior Cricket Team, and earlier this month a few cricketers made it to the Women’s Windward Islands U19 Cricket Team and the Men’s Windward Islands U15 Cricket Team.

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