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Athlete Call Up For 2018 Windward Islands School Games

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Sports Division – The under-mentioned [athletes] have been selected by the Sports Division for training for possible selection for the 2018 Windward Islands Schools Games to be held in St. Lucia in July 2018.


Dominica Grammar School

  • Lyndon Joseph
  • Cheddy Joseph
  • Jomiah Timothy
  • Deonel Abraham
  • Denzel Bedminister
  • Donald Charles
  • Keron Magloire
  • Marcus Bredass
  • Joshua St. Jean
  • Difani Samuel

Dominica State College

  • Kassim Peltier
  • Marcellus Boney
  • Elwin Jean/Louis
  • Nick Anthony
  • Dillon Augustine
  • Dante Moses
  • Lemar Irish
  • Eustace Phillip
  • Nelson Woodman
  • Usher George
  • Dante Newton

Isaiah Thomas Secondary School

  • Addison Denis
  • Aaron Francis
  • Jovanni Xavier
  • Delix St. Hilliare
  • Trevor Charles

Castle Bruce Secondary School

  • Randel Coipel
  • Shermanie Graham
  • Starrel Seraphin
  • Aron Prince
  • Neilbert Thomas

Goodwill Secondary School

  • Jevon Henry
  • Devon George

St. Mary Academy

  • Turram Toussaint
  • Quington Moises
  • Jarvis Humphrey
  • Zion Emmanuel
  • Audell Laville
  • Anakym Moreau
  • Tyrese Jno-Baptiste
  • Khimar Phillip
  • Brice Jno-Lewis

Portsmouth Secondary School

  • Quincy George
  • Richmond Pierre- Louis
  • Jonathan Seaman
  • Jequan Hamilton
  • Cobine Paul
  • Dennick Luke
  • Kyle Langlais
  • Denzel Panthier
  • Adiel Remy

Pierre Charles Secondary School

  • Nelson Maxim
  • Jahsceon Alexander

Training sessions are held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 pm.


Dominica State College

  • Kyla Winston
  • Verde Fontaine
  • Rachel Seraphine
  • Rackel Marshall
  • Jade Powell
  • Dabria Toussaint

Isaiah Thomas Secondary School

  • Shernese Joseph
  • Suejata Cuffy

Portsmouth Secondary School

  • Omasha Registe

Dominica Grammar School

  • Jeanne Seraphine
  • Dezra Clarke
  • Ariel Rogers

Portsmouth Secondary School

  • Cashma Luke
  • Celina Langlais
  • Shernyka Bruno
  • Unique Powell


St. John’s Academy

  • Theo Davoren

Goodwill Secondary School

  • Eli Popo

Dominica State College

  • Kiefer Francis
  • Jaimie Pavillon
  • Mclaren Obrien
  • Nathan Sebastien
  • Jonathan Mills
  • Maxwell Birmingham
  • Rishade Joseph
  • Josh Joseph
  • Norton Vidal
  • Lamar Irish

St. Mary’s Academy 

  • Jacob Barry
  • Loic Simon
  • Trey Sweeny
  • Kohath Baron
  • Jonathan Henderson

Portsmouth Secondary School

  • Cobin Paul
  • Delvin Thomas
  • Dontee Xavier
  • Troy Brooks

Pierre Charles Secondary School

  • Yawani Regis
  • Nelson Maxime
  • Darnel JnoJules

Training is being done at the Lindo Park in Goodwill on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30 pm.


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