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The Chosen Few

Dominica vs Antigua

The twenty (20) man squad for the upcoming friendly includes:

Goal Keepers

  1. Glenson Prince (Captain)
  2. Deon Laurent


  1. Gylles Mitchel
  2. Malcolm Joseph
  3. Kassim Peltier
  4. Ajaya Royer
  5. Euclid Betrand
  6. Chris Lawrence


  1. Kelrick Walters
  2. Nigel Sanderson
  3. Sharmia Dangleben
  4. Arlington Fritz
  5. Chad Betrand
  6. Briel Thomas


  1. Javid George
  2. Scott Hazel
  3. Jamir Parillon
  4. Travist Joseph
  5. Sean Laronde
  6. Reon Cuffy

Technical Staff

  1. Rajesh Joseph Lachoo (Head Coach)
  2. Ellington Sabin (Assistant Coach)
  3. Michael Joseph (Manager)
  4. Albert Noel (Medic)
  5. Smith Telemaque (Medic)
  6. Courtney Challenger (GK Coach)
  7. Reginald Darroux (Equipment Manager)


Head coach, Rajesh Lachoo has been doing very well and has gained the trust of his players and Dominican supporters alike.

The friendly is scheduled for 7:00pm Sunday, April 1st, in Antigua, and the team is expected to return home on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. We encourage all Dominicans in Antigua to attend the match and show some support for our boys and we wish them a successful injury free match.


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