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DAVA Selects 10


Rain delayed but did not stop play in the DAVA practice matches held on the weekend! Friday saw resilience from the Dominica and St. Lucia teams who braved the weather and the slippery conditions to put on two matches much to the delight of the crowd which gathered despite the weather.

Playing shortened versions of the normal best of 5 sets, Dominica’s Men’s National Team put up solid offense and defense against a very competitive all-star men’s team. Set 3 however, would go to the all-star team who gained momentum and harnessed their strengths.The women, playing in deteriorating conditions tried to put on a show but played very gingerly not wanting to cause injuries on the slippery surface. The shortened match was filled with slips and very cautious jumps.

Saturday brought great weather as the Men’s National Team dominated the All – Stars 3-0 in the best of five sets. The players showed quality attack and defense giving the coaches a tough
decision in picking the final team to represent Dominica. The ladies were not as fortunate as the rain came almost as soon as the match began and once again the coaches were unable to effectively rate the team. The match was called off after discussion between the host and visiting coaches in the interest of safeguarding the players who
had already been affected by the slippery surface.

After a good showing on the weekend, a ten (10) man squad has been selected to represent Dominica at the 2nd Round of the World Championship Qualification Tournament in St. Lucia from August 8th – 11th. They are:

1. Ray Robinson (captain)
2. Yahn Florent
3. David Toussaint
4. Johnny Seraphine
5. Jelani Peter
6. Ronelle Joseph
7. Kerwin George
8. Kershaski Jno. Lewis
9. Lenon Honore
10. Kairann George

The men’s team will continue training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the FLOW Complex in Canefield.


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