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Who Will Emerge As Champions

2017 Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival

The Sports Division in the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Constituency Empowerment will hold the final round of the 2017 Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival on Wednesday, May 31st at Lindo Park, Goodwill from 1:00 pm.

The twelve (12) teams which qualified for this round are:

  1. Grand Fond Primary School
  2. San Sauveur Primary School
  3. W.S. Stevens Primary School A
  4. W.S. Stevens Primary School B
  5. St. Mary’s Primary
  6. Morne Prosper Primary School
  7. Pioneer Preparatory School
  8. Salisbury Primary School
  9. Belle Vue Primary School
  10. Bagatelle Primary School
  11. Paix Bouche Primary School
  12. Roosevelt Douglas Primary School

Belle Vue Chopin Primary School is the defending Champion.


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