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The Countdown Continues

Transfer Window

The transfer window is quickly coming to an end. The deadline for this transfer is set for January 31st, 2017, which is just one week away from today. The Dominica Football Association disclosed information in relation to this transfer window which opened on January 1st, 2017, in a press release earlier this month. Here are some key points from that press release:

  1. After a player has been registered as a “transferred player” a period of seven (7) days shall elapse before that player plays his/her first match for the club for which he/she is now registered.
  2. Clubs that fail to abide by the rule mentioned above shall forfeit any points gained as a result of a match or matches played.
  3. Players who have played three (3) games in any division and wish to be transferred, can only play for a club in the same division from which they were transferred. However, this restriction does not apply to players under the age of 20.

All clubs are encouraged to take the necessary precautions during this time.


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