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Selection for WICB Regionaal Women’s Super50

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Twenty-nine (29) female cricketers will compete in matches throughout the month of January for a chance to play for the Windward Islands Cricket Team in the upcoming WICB Regional Women’s Super50.  The players were selected from a Cricket Festival which was held in the Kalinago Territory in October 2016.

The matches will be held at the Botanical Gardens on January 14th, 21st and 28th and seventeen (17) of the twenty-nine (29) players will be selected to move forward. Following selection, the players will then compete with the rest of the Windward Islands for a place on the team. The players selected are as follows:

  1. Jinnie Valmond
  2. Alicia Burton
  3. Ronette Sanford
  4. Rianne Prevost
  5. Nicole Eustache
  6. Tabitha Green
  7. Jenniffer Gasper
  8. Earnisha Fountaine
  9. Gem Eloi
  10. Shania Valmond
  11. Pershia Burton
  12. Debra Frederick
  13. Aldith Gasper
  14. Shermer Frederick
  15. Belma Darroux
  16. Eva Viville
  17. Annica Andrew
  18. Annica Benjamin
  19. Stacy Adrien
  20. Kimara Sabroche
  21. Starr Humphrey
  22. Abinie St. Jean
  23. Carlyn Mitchel
  24. Carlyn Matthew
  25. Rosilia Registe
  26. Donisha Xavier
  27. Krisani Irish
  28. Mervia Joseph
  29. Meritta Hyacinth

The WICB Regional Women’s Super50 is scheduled for St. Vincent & the Grenadines from April 16th to May 1st, 2017.


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