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7 Athletes Off To St. Lucia

Athletes of to St. Lucia

Seven (7) athletes will be representing Dominica in St Lucia as they participate in the Free Kick Foundation’s 2017 College Player Showcase together with over thirty (30) other players from the Caribbean. The Showcase is a collaboration between the Free Kick Foundation, the St. Lucia Football Association, and the Ministries of Youth and Sports, and Tourism in St. Lucia.

The Free Kick Foundation’s founder, Aaron King, conceived of the idea as a vehicle to assisting children to realize their dreams, initially from his home island of St. Lucia, West Indies. The urge to help quickly spread to other islands throughout the region. The goals of the Free Kick Foundation are achieved through football tournaments, career seminars, parental classes, tutoring sessions, and other activities which continue to educate and motivate our members. Their mission is to inspire, educate and empower youth, from economically depressed communities, through football. Thereby, helping to develop positive thinking, while helping to eradicate social plagues, such as illiteracy, poverty, and crime.

The College Player Showcase is a three (3) day event scheduled to run from Friday, January 20th to Sunday 22nd 2017 where athletes will get an opportunity to interact with US University Coaches. All seven ((7) participants from Dominica came from three (3) clubs. Five (5) from the Harlem Sports Club and one each from the Goodwill Runners and Mahaut Soca Strikers Sports Club. They are:

  • Gylles Mitchel
  • Romelcia Phillip 
  • Alijah Titre
  • Andrez Joseph
  • Montel James
  • Fitz Jolly
  • Nick Anthony

We’re sure our athletes are thankful for the opportunity and will be more than happy to participate and we would like to wish them all the best. We would also like to encourage Dominicans living in St. Lucia to show some support.



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