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Preparations For The Upcoming FIVB World League Qualifiers

FIVB Word League

Two squads of 30 men and 30 women have been named to begin immediate preparations to represent Dominica at the 2nd round of the FIVB World League Qualifiers carded for early next year. The athletes are:


Catherine Francis, Kerine Prince, Marcia Gustave, Elizabeth Joseph, Kyla Winston,  Zahidu Henry, Anna Maria Xavier, Shari Pascal-Maronie, Kaya Cuffy, Natania Florent, Adella Procto, Melina Riviere, Karleen Beaupierre, Tamica Cabey, Sherma Prince, Pheobe Joseph, Deanna George , Loreen Lockhart, Lisa James, Ashley Anatol


Ronelle Joseph, David Toussaint, Julian Seraphine, Germaine Etienne, Shervan Guiste, Sharma Thomas, Ricardo Cognet, Ray Robinson, Lincoln Riviere, Yahn Florent, McRonald James, Kairann George, Kerry Christmas, Heston Walsh , Kerwin George, Luchiano Dupuis, Jelani Peter, Shervan Roberts, Lenon Honore, Faywani Foye, Kim Casey, Shervan Ambo, Presley Telemacque, Ethan Boland, Alison Alfred, Jerome Telemacque, Kerchasky Jno Lewis, Kyle Caney, Anderson Burton.

All players are advised that a mandatory attendance meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, September 17th at 10am for the women and 11am for the men. All are encouraged to be on time.


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