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Results – Giant Malt National Rounders League


Below are the results from matches played on Sunday 28th, 2016 in the Giant Malt National Rounders League.

Stowe & Co. Hard Hitters won Pointe Michel by 163 runs. Stowe and Co. scored 343 for 6 in 40 overs. Eugenia Jolly 107 not out, Barbara Henderson 55 not out, Josian St Ville and Shernita Joseph 33 each. Pointe Michel 180 in 39.2 overs. Shanica Ettienne 42, Yarnel Registe 26.

ACS Sout’ Defenders won Wotten Waven by 7 wickets. Wotten Waven scored 217 for 6. Dhanique Bruno 47 not out, Shana Abraham 44 and Natasha Joseph 35. ACS Sout’ Defenders 224 for 4 in 25 overs. Myrtle Henderson 39 not out, Tina Henry runs 38 and Chantelle Deroche 36 not out.

Matadors won KFC Mafia Battlers by 109 runs. Matadors scored 356 for 7. Celia Tavernier 131 not out, Tonia Birmingham 46 and Hevelyn Adams 42. KFC Mafia Battlers 247 for 9 in 40 overs. Elizabeth Tavernier 54, Tara James 35 and Yvonne Errant 26.

Rising Stars won Gallion Heat Waves by 7 wickets. Gallion Heat Waves scored 224 for 8. Sharlyn Alexander 41, Emanie Williams 40, Morena Williams 35. Rising Stars scored 229 for 4 in 37 overs. Earlyn Henry 40, Ophelia Henry 32, Frederika Carbon 31.

Dublanc Almond Stars won Possi Rock Stars by 5 wickets. Possi Rock Stars scored 229 all out. Antoinette Paul 81, Jennifer Moulon 22. Dublanc replied with 230 for 6. Thora Lambert 50, Pearl Underwood 46, Sarah Lee Fefee 35.

Fantastic Stars won Police Sports Club by 240 runs. Fantastic Stars 356. Yvonne Burton 77, Roseanne Florent 70 and Yvette Mingo 52. Police scored 116. Valda Nelson 68, Marie Jose Rabess 26, Linda Daisy 17.

Maxroy Royal Challengers won Marigot Cooperative Credit Union Stars.


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