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NCCU Paix Bouche Summer Splash 2K16.

NCCU Paix Bouche Summer Splash

A few weeks ago members of the Paix Bouche NCCU started a summer sports program for the youth in Paix Bouche called the NCCU Paix Bouche Summer Splash 2K16.

The program started on July 25th and climaxed on August 14th with a closing ceremony where small prizes were given out. Sporting activities for the summer splash ranged from a number of disciplines which included tennis, table tennis and basketball. The program was deemed a success after great number a children were able to participate. Below are a few pictures from that event. Visit the facebook page of the Paix Bouche Young Action Club for more pictures.

Although the summer program was a success, members of the community may still be a little disappointed as Paix Bouche Eagles and Snipers were both knocked out of the DABA Flow Premier and Division One Leagues. The Paix Bouche Snipers and Eagles we knocked out after Snipers were defeated by Tigers 2-0 and Eagles were also defeated 2-0 to E.H Charles Crossovers in a best of 3 series. Play off action still continues in the DABA Leagues. Visit DABA’s website or facebook page for updates on the league.


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