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DABA Play-offs Are On Today. Find Out Who Made it

Basketball Playoffs

The play-offs of the DABA National leagues will begin with two Division 1 matches.

Kelvar Darroux Hurricanes VS Kairi FM Ole Skool at 7:00pm
Intellico Security Raiders VS La Knights at 9:00pm

Below are the lists of teams that made it to the play-offs in the Division 1 and Premier League.

Division 1

  • Intelico Security Raiders
  • Tigers
  • Hurricanes
  • Massey United Sharks
  • Kiari Fm Ole Skool
  • Police Sports Club
  • Snipers
  • LA Knights


  • FashionLine Falcons
  • D-Tread Blazers
  • Fast Cash Prowlers
  • Eagles
  • E. H. Charles Crossover
  • Sign Man X-Men

Premier Division Play-offs Format


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