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The Kalinago Premier League

Kalinago Sports Association

The (KPL) Kalinago Premier League is a cricket league ran by the Kalinago Sports Association of the Kalinago constituency. This marks the 3rd year that the league has be held by the association.

This year the league started in May with a Ballorama but matches officially started in June. The KPL is similar to the famous T20 Cricket Tournaments as each team is giving 20 overs of play. Games are only played on the weekend and although the league is sort of reserved to players from the Carib Territory (Atkinson to Siniku), each team is eligible to have a maximum of two outside players. It’s only set up this way to promote, build and encourage athletes of the Carib Territory to stay focus and continue developing their skills in cricket.

The Kalinago Sports Association also run other leagues throughout the year which include: Rounders, Football, Volleyball, Dominoes and hopefully Basketball this year.

The Executive members of that association include:

President – Henry Williams

Vice President – Collin Benjamin

Secretary – Asher Burton

Treasurer – Norbert Cuffy

P.R.O – Ashley White

Some League sponsors include: Casius Darroux, Soca Rum, Dominica Social Security, Carib Beer, Dominica National Lottery, National Bank of Dominica and Dowasco.

Below is a video showing a few highlight of a match in the KPL


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