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New India Goodwill Runners Retain Title

New India Goodwill Runners

The women of the Dive Dominica Harlem United were unable to dethrone defending champions New India Goodwill Runners in the finals of the DFA Domlec Women’s League which took place yesterday at the Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau.

The New India Goodwill Runners showed superiority ending that match with four (4) goals. Two from Briana Lewis and one each from   Hannah Samuel and Romelcia Phillip. Alijah Titre scored the Lone Goal for Dive Dominica Harlem United.

Albert Titre, manager of Dive Dominica Harlem United seems to be focusing on the positives despite the loss last night as he expressed his feelings on facebook. Titre said

It can be a sad moment loosing in the finals. But focusing on the positives can make you feel like a champion. Would like to thank my team, DIVE DOMINICA Harlem Women. It will be such a disgrace to just focus on the final game. What about the season, only one lost. What about you guys coming to training after training, and making no excuses. What about the times when players are injured and then the next day you are back saying “coach I have to do it for my team, doh matter what”
So guys I can go on and on, you guys are awesome. I would like to congratulate the goodwill runners, Good job.

They will surely be looking forward to next season.


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