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2016 National Rounders League Opened With A Bang


The Giant Malt 2016 National Rounders League opened with an exciting start last week Sunday at the Lindo Park in Goodwill.

Thirteen teams, Penville Sixers, KFC Mafia Battlers, Gallion Heat Waves, Vikings Reformers, NCCU/Domsetco Stars, Rising Stars, Fantastic Stars, Maxroy Conquerors, Dublanc Almond Stars, St. Joe Phoenix, Possi Rock Stars, A.C.S Sout’ Defenders made it to the opening which was addressed by the Parliamentary Representative for Roseau North, Hon. Daniel Lugay, Sports Coordinator Mr. Trevor Shillingford and Director of Mars Sports Agency Rhoda St. John.

The sponsors were complimented for giving support to the sport of rounders and Mr. Shillingford explained that supporting ladies in the sport they love would give them the encouragement that is required to help drive and support their children in whatever sport they are inclined to play.

Playing four overs a side, Dublanc Almond Stars, Tremors, Possi Rock Stars and NCCU/Domsetco Stars made it to the semi finals of a very competitive Ballorama.

Possi Rock Stars were confident chasing the 53 runs posted by Dublanc Almond Stars to become the Giant Malt 2016 Ballorama Champions.


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