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Culmination Of The Primary Schools Cricket Festival

The 2016 Sports Division Swiss Embassy Primary Schools Cricket Festival will culminate on Monday, June 20, 2016 with the staging of the 3rd place match and the championship match. The festival, which commenced with 50 schools participating in eight (8) districts, will come to an end with matches at the Botanic Gardens and the Jolly John Park.

At Botanic Gardens, St. Mary’s Primary will come up against the CUPS/Pioneer Prep/Convent Prep Combined Team at 10:00 am in the third place match up whilst at the Jolly John Park in the Kalinago Territory, the grand Final will be held.

Neighbours – Sineku Primary and Atkinson Primary – will clash in what is expected to be an exciting end to the 2016 Primary Schools Cricket Festival. Both the Atkinson and Sineku Primary secured impressive wins in their semi-final matches vs. CUPS/Pioneer Prep/Convent Prep Combined and SMP respectively.

The 2016 Primary Schools Cricket Championship, which is sponsored for the first time by the Swiss Embassy, will move to the second phase on June 23rd with the staging of the District Championship which will see the best players from the individual schools representing their district teams in a 25 overs affair.

Eight districts will participate in this stage of the championship which will be done on a knock-out basis.


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