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20 Representing Dominica in the Dominican Republic

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Yesterday, a twenty-member squad selected by the technical staff of the Dominica Football Association left island to represent Dominica in the CFU Men’s U-20 Qualifiers in the Dominican Republic from June 15th to 19th. The squad will be captained by Gylles Mitchell with Delroy Parker as the Vice Captain.

The rest of the squad reads:

Kellyson Thomas, Eustace Marshall, Dante Peter, Andrez Joseph, Zion Lander, Ajaya Royer, Kassim Peltier, Nick Anthony, Akeva Leblanc, Usher George, Sheldon Pierre, Keano Martin, Fitz Jolly, Jomiah Timothy, Jamie Parillon, Raheem Laronde, Shannon Stoute and Blake Serrant.

The technical Staff reads:

Ronnie Gustave (Head Coach), Delbert Hazel (Assistant Coach), Duly Polidore (Fitness Trainer), Heinrich Anselm (Manager) and Phael Lander (Medics Personnel).

Dominica will take on Jamaica in their first match on Wednesday, June 15th from 2pm.

The second match will be on Friday, June 17th where they will take on host country, Dominican Republic from 4pm. Their 3rd and final match in this group will be against St. Kitts and Nevis from 2pm. We wish our boys all the best and we look forward to positive results.


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