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Julian Wade And Slingerz FC Outshine Competitors

Slingerz F.C.

Slingerz FC ended the second half of the Guyana Stag Elite League at the top of the table with a massive 5-0 win over Monedderlust FC pushing their 29 game unbeaten streak to 30. They ended the league 9 points clear of Fruta Conquerors in 2nd.

Striker Julian Wade of Dominica was the top scorer for the second half of the league with 13 goals, scoring 4 against Monedderlust FC last night. He’s been in really good form lately and hopefully he’ll be able to carry his goal scoring form to the second round of the Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup which kicks off next month.

Earlier today Wade expressed his feelings via Facebook by posting this to his fan page

Its a great feeling to top any competition, especially with personal accomplishments. Leading goal scorer for the second half of the Guyana Elite League was a primary goal that I set and accomplished. Be reminded that it was not all because of my efforts but that of a God who rewards, Slingerz FC management team and a group of players who supported me from the best of games, to those where the ball would not enter the goal lol. Hats off to one of the best coaches in Guyana football Joseph Wilson and a man who has propelled this team with his dream and vision, Javed Ali. It was a fantastic season! Thanks to all of you who followed the season and supported all the way. You must have enjoyed the ride.

Wade also told us today that he’s looking forward to next years CFU Club Championship seeing that his club has qualified for that tournament. The top (3) three teams in the tournament will qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. In this years CFU Club Championship, Central FC defeated W. Connection for the second straight year to defend their title.

Below is a link to Wade’s fan page. Don’t forget to hit that like button.


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