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DFA Womens League – Portsmouth vs Mahaut

DFA Women's League

Action in the DFA Womens League continued yesterday as Bombers FC of Portsmouth matched up with the Mahaut Soca Strikettes at the Newtown Savannah. Bombers FC were considered the underdogs by most, since they suffered an 11-1 defeat to the Goodwill Runners in their most recent match. The stands were equally packed with fans from both sides cheering on their teams.

Although Bombers FC were putting up a good fight they conceded a goal from a penalty which was converted by Mitchlyn Morgan to give Mahaut Soca Strikettes the lead they needed. From that point on, the Soca Strikettes maintained a good defensive line, barely giving Bombers FC a chance to get back in the game. As a result Bombers FC suffered another defeat, this time to the Mahaut Soca Strikettes with the final score being 1-0.


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