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North East – District Football Champions

North District Champions

The 2016 NBD Primary Schools Football Championships climaxed on Wednesday, April 27th with the Final Round of matches in the District Segment of the championships.

Four (4) out of eight (8) teams made it to final round. The South West, North, North East and the Valley Central districts competed for the top district title at Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth with the two (2) semi-finals matches which were be followed by the third place match between the two (2) losing semi-finalists and the Grand Final between the two (2) winners of the semi-final matches.

This district championship came after the staging of the Boy’s championship which was used as the basis for the selection of the top players to represent their districts. The eight (8) district teams were placed into two (2) zones of four.

South West District won last year’s District championship and now the North East district are champions.

Following the championship match, the National Bank of Dominica, the Championship’s sponsor, held an Awards ceremony in recognition of the outstanding teams. Awards, trophies, cash prizes and medals were presented to the winners of the Boys and Girls championships as well as the District Champion Team.

The Sports Division continues to view the Primary Schools Football Championships as an important component to its football development program. The Championships commenced on January 28th 2016 and saw participation from 52 schools in the boys division and 16 in the girls.[huge_it_gallery id=”10″]


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