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“Dominica Rounders Association”? A Brighter Future For Rounders

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the National Rounders Committee was held on Saturday, April 23rd at the auditorium of the Goodwill Primary School. Key highlights included a prize/award giving ceremony where all teams were presented with a certificate of participation, championship trophy presentation to Dubique Strikers, registering the association “Dominica Rounders Associations”, the newly elected executive and finally the guest speaker Ms. Rhoda St. John, director of MARS Sports Agency.

The president highlighted some of the activities undertaken during the year, particularly the league which had to be put on hold because of Tropical Storm Erika. The champion team Dubique Strikers received a champions trophy and $800 and runner up, National Cooperative Credit Union/Domsetco Stars received $400. They and the other two semi finalist, Possi Rock stars and Maxroy Conquerors will have free registration for the 2016 season. All teams received a certificated of participation. The league was ran without any sponsorship.

The way forward was the adoption of the constitution the Dominica Rounders Association to facilitate the registering of the association as early as possible for work to begin officially on implementing the objectives of the constitution.

Ms Rhonda John, director of MARS Sports Agency was instrumental in getting the committee through that process and as the guest speaker she was able to impress on the members the importance of them leading the way to make rounders a more recognized sport through educating themselves in sports management, group dynamics and conflict resolution.

Collaboration between the MARS Sports Agency and the soon to be Dominica Rounders Association has already begun and the agency has already been in contact with rounders league representatives in the united kingdom who are planning to visit Dominica in February 2017 to understand and compare our two styles of rounders with the hope of collaborating to make the sport more regionally and internationally friendly.

The executive elected to run the affairs of the association for the next two years are as follows:

Abraham Browne – President

Reggie Henry – Vice President

Vernice Cuffy – Secretary

Juliana Cuffy – Treasurer

Amelia Thomas – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Roger Francis – Public Relations Officer

Committee Members: Verlyn Moses, Erma St Louis and Shareen Darroux.

The 2016 Rounders Season is expected to begin on July 3rd.


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