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Intermediate Round of the 2016 NBD Primary Schools Boys Football Championships

Kicking Soccer Ball

Twenty-four (24) teams have qualified for the Intermediate Round of the 2016 NBD Primary Schools Boys Football Championships organized by the Sports Division.

The Intermediate Round will be held on two days – Tuesday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 9th.

On Tuesday, March 8th, there will be competition at two (2) venues:

At Lindo Park in Goodwill, the following six (6) teams will feature:

  • St. Mary’s Primary
  • Belle Vue Chopin Primary School
  • Convent Preparatory School
  • Bagatelle Primary School
  • St. Luke’s Primary School
  • Castle Bruce Primary School

At Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth, these under mentioned teams will compete:

  • Roosevelt Douglas Primary School
  • Calibishie Primary School
  • Massacre Primary School
  • Woodford Hill Primary School
  • St. John’s Primary School
  • Atkinson Primary School

On Wednesday, March 9th, competition will also take place at two (2) venues:

At Lindo Park, the following teams will feature:

  • Goodwill Primary School
  • Kelleb Laurent Primary School
  • Grand Bay Primary School
  • Mahaut Primary School
  • Pioneer Preparatory School
  • Newtown Primary School

At Castle Bruce Playing Field, these teams will be on show:

  • WS Stevens Primary School
  • San Sauveur Primary School
  • Savanne Paille Primary School
  • Grand Fond Primary School
  • Sineku Primary School
  • Thibaud Primary School

Matches will begin at 10:00 am.

The top two (2) teams from each of the four (4) groups will advance to the Quarter Finals which are expected to take place on Tuesday, March 15th.


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