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New Home For Volleyball

Volleyball Court

The Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association (DAVA) and the Massacre Improvement Committee along with the people of Massacre have collaborated in a new venture which seeks to aid in community building while simultaneously progressing the sports of volleyball and basketball in Dominica.

The DAVA, after an extensive search for the proper space to lay down a playing floor donated by its regional governing body NORCECA, has agreed with the Massacre Committee to use its basketball court as the site. The area was chosen on the reasoning that it was already fenced and provided moderate seating for fans and patrons. The floor was laid earlier in 2015 amd was since redone over the last weekend. It has already been the site of championship basketball matches featuring hometown heroes, the D Tread Blazers. The DAVA intends to complete preparations for using this floor as its preferred venue for its upcoming national league which is carded to be opened on February 28th, 2016. This type of floor is used in stadiums around the region and is expected to give participants of both sports a greater feel for the floor which they will encounter in regional and even international competitions.

The partnership is expected to foster even greater camraderie between the two sports who are void of an indoor home. Additionally, the people of Massacre especially the youth, will benefit from learning and participating in a new sport being volleyball. It is expected that they will harness this opportunity which aids in physical health and keep them from spending time in unsafe and unproductive practices. Volleyball and basketball will also have a new home which will aid in the development of players and in the growth and popularity of the sports.

Volleyball will make its debut on the floor next Sunday and encourages all of Dominica to make it a date and come and support the athletes.


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