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NBD Primary Schools Boys Football Continues

Kicking Soccer Ball

The 2016 NBD Primary Schools Boys Football Championship, which is organized by the Sports Division, continued today Wednesday, February 3rd at Lindo Park, Goodwill at 1:00 pm.

The schools of the Valley Central Zone met for Day 1 of their competition. The teams that are in the Valley Central Zone are the Trafalgar, Goodwill, Morne Prosper, Convent Preparatory, Pioneer Preparatory and Wotten Waven/Berean Academy Combined.

On Thursday, February 4th, the schools of the North East Zone will once again converge at the Thibaud Playing Field to participate in their 2nd day of competition from 1:00 pm. The points standings after Day One (1) in that zone are the Woodford Hill and Calibishie primary schools leading with 6 points each, the Thibaud and Baroness Patricia Scotland primary schools follow with three (3) points each whilst the Penville and Bense primary schools are yet to get on points table.

The NBD sponsored championship will also be on show at the Castle Bruce Playing Field on Thursday 4th when the Morne Jaune, Delices, Grand Fond, Castle Bruce, San Sauveur and Jones Beaupierre primary schools meet for the first day of competition of the South East Zone.


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