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Foneshack Possie Basketball League


In the Foneshack Possie Basketball League, with the regular season winding down and only one weekend of games remaining, here are the result of last weekend’s games.

On Friday, the night began with the Juniors taking the field of play. In game 1, the Paix Bouche Snipers got the better of the Possie Vibrations Lightning beating them 75 pts to 57. For Snipers, Monad Thomas netted in a
team high 23 pts with needed support from Kish Ferrol, 15pts and Kheron Wallace,14 pts, while for Lightning, Katrin Arulepp had a game high 31 pts.

In game 2, the Paix Bouche Eagles played their way to a 40pt win over the Sign Plus Lakers. Final scores were Eagles 85pts, Lakers 45. For Eagles, Darvey Durveney had a game high 22pts with Bertist Edwards,21 and Amed Fagan,15 while Patrice Evans reached a team high 11 and Kyle Flex
KT Thomas 9pts for the Lakers.

On Saturday, the Portsmouth Community Watch Foundation PSS vs the Graphic Information Service Hoyas began the night of games in the Juniors League. At the end of regulation it was PSS 65, Hoyas 43. For PSS, Cobin Paul had a game high 19pts supported by Shonady Charles and Chad Guadard with 16 each, while for Hoyas Troy Brooks had a team high 10pts, supported by Theo Davoren and Jayquan Hamilton with 8 each.

In game 2, Aldrin Pizzeria Lamphers continued their undefeated campaign with a 65-60 victory over the Globe One Pacers. For Lamphers, Kerbin Nanthan netted in a game high 33pts supported with 10 from Bertist Jeffers, while for Pacers, John James had a team high 26 pts and an 18pt support
from Kervin Augustine, was just not enough.

In the final two games of the weekend, Sunday night came alive with the Northern Police United taking charge with a 69 to 48 win over the Portsmouth Community Watch Foundation PSS. For PSS
Dontee Xavier reached a team high 16 and Aldrin Delvin Thomas supported with 15, while for the Lawmen, Marlon Hilaire scored 15, Kharan Mills 14 and Lenny Dangleben 12.

In the final game of the night, the Caribbean Concrete Ltd Originals secured a comfortable 74-55 win over the Secret Bay Imperialists. For the Imperialists, Millinus Wenham netted in a team high 15pts with support from Hilary Panthier with 13. For the Originals, Reginald Thomas game high 25 and a 23pt support from Reggillio Cisse set the pace.

Thanks to all those who came out and came through to make this weekend as smooth as it was.


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