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DGS Captures U-16 & U-20 Netball Titles

DGS U-16 & U-20 Netball

The Dominica Grammar School has captured both the U-16 and U-20 titles of the Sports Division’s 2015/16 Secondary Schools Netball Championships.

The school came up against the Portsmouth Secondary School in both matches:

Results in the U-16 Netball Final:

Cocoa Town Café PSS (17) vs. DGS (18)

Celena Langlais – 24/16
Rachael Marshall – 21/12
Danitha George – 1/1
Rachel Seraphin – 9/6

Results in the U-20 Netball Final:

Northern Contractors Ltd PSS (30) vs. Muzikland DGS (33)

Shervelle Marcellin – 5/2
Rachael Marshall – 29/16
Celena Langlais – 18/13
Rachel Seraphin – 21/14
Shernice Henry – 19/15
Kyla Winston – 6/3


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