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2015 Annual Secondary Schools Football Championship

2015 Annual Football Secondary Schools Championship

The 2015 Annual Secondary Schools Football Championships, organized by the Sports Division, will kick off on Friday, October 23, 2015.

This year, the championships will not start off with the traditional ballorama amongst the champion houses of the participating schools but instead will commence with matches at two (2) venues.

At the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth, the Portsmouth Secondary School will play host to the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School when the schools’ U-15 teams will play each other from 2:00 pm followed by U-20 match-up between the schools at 3:30 pm.

At the Pottersville Savannah, the Pierre Charles Secondary School and the Dominica Grammar School will compete in an U-17 clash whilst the St. Mary’s Academy will play the Castle Bruce Secondary School in an U-17 match at 3:30 pm.

Nine (9) secondary schools and the Dominica State College are registered to take part in this year’s championships. There will be competition amongst the schools in the U-20, U-17, U-15 and the 13 & Under categories.

Benedict Joseph House of the Dominica Grammar School was last year’s Ballorama Champions. Goodwill Secondary School won the U-20 category with the Dominica Grammar School winning both the U-15 and U-17 titles and the Portsmouth Secondary School winning the 13 & Under championship.

The 2015 Secondary Schools Football Championships are expected to take place throughout the 1st term of this academic year.


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