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Results from 13 and Under Netball Festival

To open the 13 and under festival yesterday Dominica Secondary played Anguilla while Dominica Nationals played Dominica Primary. The results were as followed:

Dominica Secondary 29 – 4 Anguilla

Dominica Secondary:

  • Shamirah Daniel – 20 points from 34 attempts
  • Maliah Toussaint – 9 points from 16 attempts


  • Micayja Carty – 3 points from 11 attempts
  • Tiandra Edrum – 1 point from 5 attempts

Dominica National 26 – 5 Dominica Primary

Dominica National:

  • Etheline Telemaque – 17 points from 22 attempts
  • Jarnillia Phillip – 9 points from 12 attempts

Dominica Primary:

  • Treneese Hamilton – 2 points from 3 attempts
  • Nelissa Anthony – 3 points from 4 attempts

At 6:00pm today Dominica Secondary will play against Dominica Primary, this match will be followed by Dominica National Team vs Anguilla from 7:30pm. Both matches will be played at the Benjamins Park in Portsmouth.


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