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On Saturday The Dominica Amateur Volleyball association held their Annual General Meeting at Lime Technical and Engineering Center, Canefield.

President of The DAVA Mr.Albert Loblack (Center) deemed the year a success despite many challenges, ” The DAVA executive, though faced with many challenges can describe the year 2014 as a fairly successful year for volleyball in Dominica. The executive was able to execute a number of its programs an activities under challenging situations with little resources”. He mentioned that the DAVA has plans to curb the challenges faced and a lot more is to be done from all angles. ” The organization of our teams and clubs need to be looked at, as it has a direct impact on the standard of our local league and the amount of work that has to be done with the
national team”.

Congratulations were made to the successful local teams of the previous league as well as the male and female senior national teams.
In the upcoming year a lot more volleyball is can be expected, events such as the Volleyball melee’,Lord of The Sands, Volleyball Kids Wheel, are expected to take place apart from the National League. The DAVA also intends to start a Business League this year.

From a Financial Standpoint Treasurer Roanna Joseph (Right) reported that 2014 started of better than the previous year but a drop was recorded in sales compared.The Association showed gratitude to the various sponsors as without them a lot would be impossible.

Mr. Loblack applauded associations such as NORCECA and The DOC as they assisted DAVA via contribution of a new volleyball floor and financial assistance respectively. Notable mention was also made to The Government of Dominica and associations like FIVB, ECVA, Sports Division, Lime and Petro Caribe.

At the meeting, Elections would no longer take place as an amendment was made to the constitution thereby extending the term in office from 2 to 4 years. with this decision being made the present executive body remains for another two years.


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