DAVA Business League Reconvenes This Weekend

DAVA Business League Reconvenes This Weekend

One team less, following the exit of RBC Lions, seven (7) teams are poised and ready to continue their journey to becoming the DAVA Business League Champions. DOMLEC, N2N, Police, Prison, NEP Workers, Petro Stars and BNS will battle it out in the month of June as the league which was halted by Hurricane Maria reconvenes.

Games kick off this weekend at 12th Street Canefield. On Saturday DOMLEC will take on N2N from 3:00pm, followed by a clash between Petro Stars and NEP. Sunday will bring Prison across the net from BNS.

The association is grateful to all the companies participating and thanks them for their continued interest. All volleyball players and lovers are encouraged to come out to support and enjoy the games this and every weekend in June.

Current Point Standings
Prison 15
NEP 15
BNS 10
N2N 5
Petro 3
Police 0


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