2017 Primary Schools Table Tennis District Festival

2017 Primary Schools Table Tennis District Festival

The 2017 Primary Schools Table Tennis District Festival hosted by the Sports Division came to a close today after two days of events. Matches were held on Tuesday 17th and today, Wednesday 18th from 11:00am at five (5) venues:

  • Goodwill Primary School
  • Mahaut Community Centre
  • Jones Beaupierre Primary School
  • Roosevelt Douglas Primary School
  • W.S. Stevens Primary School.

Over the years, the participation has grown tremendously as a direct result of the standardize PE programme at the Primary Schools.

During the last annual table tennis championships, which took place in February, it was impossible to accommodate all the entries over the two-day period. This resulted in the team events being cancelled and the open singles being played on a straight knock-out.

This year, in order to give the students sufficient amount of playing opportunities, the District festivals were introduced in which the schools competed in the team events using the ABC-XYZ system.

The champion teams from each district will meet later in the academic year to determine the champion boys and girls school teams. Visit the link below for some pictures of that festival posted by the Dominica Sports Division.





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