“Only Licensed Clubs Will Participate” States DFA

“Only Licensed Clubs Will Participate” States DFA

The Dominica Football Association continues to move forward in the implementation of the FIFA Club Licensing System in CONCACAF that will introduce a set of minimum criteria into national and continental competitions from 2015 and 2016.

DFA has held public consultation sessions in Roseau, Portsmouth and Riviere Cyrique. The final public consultation was held on Saturday, May 21st 2016 at the football house in Bath Estate where CONCACAF club licensing manager Jonathan Martinez was present.

“The FIFA Club Licensing Regulations (FIFA regulations) are a basic working document for confederations and member associations that is to be transformed into national club licensing regulations. They incorporate minimum requirements and guidelines and have been developed according to the principles elaborated by the FIFA Task Force “For the Good of the Game”.

FIFA’s Club Licensing System is based on five key criteria: sporting, personnel and administrative, financial, infrastructure and legal. These criteria aim to safeguard the credibility and integrity of club competitions while improving the level of professionalism within the football family and promoting transparency in the finances, ownership and control of clubs.”

Click here for more information – http://www.fifa.com/governance/news/y=2015/m=1/news=fifa-and-concacaf-introduce-club-licensing-in-the-concacaf-region-2507080.html

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