Dominica 7 – BVI 0

Dominica 7 – BVI 0

Congratulations to the Dominica Senior Men’s National Football team as they defeated the BVI 7-0 exactly one year from their previous encounter in 2015 where they won 3-2. Scoring for Dominica were Julian Wade (3), Kelrick Walter with (2), Chad Bertrand (1) and an own goal from a BVI player. Their final game in the first round will be on Tuesday at the Windsor Park Stadium in Dominica against Martinique from 7pm. We are very grateful for this result and we encourage our Dominicans to show their support in the next match. All the best boys.

Here’s a video of the full match between the BVI and Dominica in the 2016/2017 Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup.

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