Day 2 For The North And South Districts

Day 2 For The North And South Districts

The first day of competition in the 2017 NBD Primary Schools Boys Football Championship for the West District took place at the Mahaut Playing Field today, February 20th, 2017.

Tomorrow, February 21st, the South and North Districts will have their last day of competition (Day 2) in Round 1 as the schools seek to qualify to the intermediate round; the schools from the South will meet at the Bagatelle Playing Field whilst the schools in the North will converge at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth; events start at 12:00 pm on Day 2.

In the North Zone St. John’s presently leads with 6 points, followed by Paix Bouche Primary School with 4 points, Roosevelt Douglas Primary School – 3 points, Colihaut/Dublanc Combined – 3 points and Savanne Paille Primary School – 0 points.




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