2016 NBD primary schools girls football

2016 NBD primary schools girls football

Round One of the 2016 NBD Primary Schools Girls Football Championship, organized by the Sports Division, will take place on Tuesday, 12th and Wednesday 13th April.

On Tuesday 12th, competition will take place at three (3) venues.

At Benjamin’s Park, it will be Roosevelt Douglas, St. John’s, Savanne Paille, Dublanc and the Baroness Patricia Scotland primary school

At the Castle Bruce Playing Field, the Woodfood Hill, San Sauveur, W.S. Stevens and the Grand Fond primary schools will meet

At the Lindo Park, the Belle Vue Chopin, Grand Bay, Newtown and Giraudel primary schools will be on show.

On Wednesday 13th, the Goodwill, Salisbury, Mahaut and Warner Primary Schools will play at the Lindo Park.

The Quarter Finals will take place on April 19th and the Final Round will take place on April 22nd.

Meanwhile, the NBD Primary Schools District Boys Football Championship will commence on Friday, April 15th.

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