More Action From The Giant Malt Rounders League

More Action From The Giant Malt Rounders League

The Giant Malt Rounders League bowled off early today with seven matches. Two in zones 1,3 & 4 and one match in zone 2. Those matches were held in seven different locations from as far north as Vieille Case to Soufriere in the south.

Zone 1

  • Vikings Reformers vs Stowe & Hard Hitters at Lindo Park
  • KFC Mafia Battlers vs Pointe Mitchel at Point Mitchel

Zone 2

  • Gallion Heat Waves vs Tremors at Soufriere

Zone 3

  • St. Joe Phoenix vs Police Sports Club at St. Joseph
  • Fantastic Stars vs NCCU/Domsetco Stars at Riviere Cyrique

Zone 4

  • Penville Sixers vs Maxroy Royal Challengers at Vieille Case
  • Dublanc Almond Stars vs M.C.C.U Stars at Marigot

Six of those matches began at 1:00pm, while the match at Riviere Cyrique began at 10:30am. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the late dissemination of this information. We hope you enjoyed those games.

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