Sports Division U-20 Championship

Sports Division U-20 Championship

The under-20 high school netball finals took place on Thursday (15th ) with much tension in the air at the Grammar School grounds. The two strongest teams in the tournament were up against each other for the title of champion and only one could emerge victorious. The Portsmouth Secondary School were up against The Dominica Grammar School.The two teams took the court and went at it.PSS lead the first quarter by 6 points and did more than enough throughout the rest of the game period to emerge victorious.

Final Scores: PSS- 30 DGS- 22
*Adina Andre; 25 points of 58 attempts
*Shernice Henry; 5 points of 13 attempts

*Kyla Winston; 17 points of 29 attempts
*Curnelda Thomas; 1 point of 2 attempts
*Kitywane Williams; 4 points of 12 attempts

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