Give Respect When Respect Is Due

Give Respect When Respect Is Due

Dunstan “Maggie” Peters is a local resident of Newtown, Dominica who’s working really hard, playing his part to develop and further promote our athletes and sports in Dominica.

It’s a number of years now that Peters has been on this journey to promote, teach and nurture athletes. Whether it’s football, basketball, athletics, you name it. It’s always good to see people giving back to sports and not just receive.

Besides reporting and promoting, Peters gets involved in coaching with his movement “7six7 Sports Club”. The “7six7SportsClub” recently started a basketball program teaching interested young boys and girls under the age of 15 the game of basketball. These sessions are held at the hard court of the Dominica Grammar School on Saturdays from 2:30pm to 5:00pm.

Peters is also involved in coaching the Newtown Primary School (boys and girls football), St. Martin Secondary School (football) and Dominica Grammar School (boys and girls basketball).

He pays special attention to the youth in his community by taking a very aggressive approach to provide young footballers with training and exposure.

When asked what motivates him Peters mentioned his son, his passion for sports and his desire to improve the quality by placing more attention to the roots which are the youth. “My 14 year old son, Dante Peters. I want he and his generation to enjoy playing sports, like our athletes use to in the past. Right now the youth feel hopeless and turn to drugs and alcohol but i don’t want he and his generation to go through that.”

We can’t take note of everything that Mr Peters is doing and has done for sports in Dominica, but from what we gathered, we can safely say that if more people could be like him or would even consider supporting his movement, we would continue to see a lot more positive changes in the performance of our youth in Dominica. Not just in sports but in their academics and life on a hold, because good sportsmanship is built through good character and discipline. So show your support and like his facebook page “7six7 Sports Club” or “Sports Maggz” and remember the future lies in the youth of today.


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